Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cocktails and tapas at Subsolo with iFranc and the fabulous Mrs New

Subsolo is one of those places to which you just keep going back. I often find myself gravitating towards it whenever I need to find a venue on the north eastern side of town and had reason to go there again last night when good friend iFranc said he was up for drinks. So I roped in the fabulous Mrs New and tottered there in excitement...

Name: Subsolo
Where: 161 King St, Sydney

Diners: HappyLeDiz, the fabulous Mrs New and iFranc

Whenever I am headed to Subsolo, I always love having an excuse to show up earlier than my reservation so I can prop myself up at the bar and have a few cocktails. Although I have sampled a fair portion of the cocktail menu, I have to confess that I don't even peruse the menu anymore because I am in love - I have a definitie predilection for anything citrus based and have therefore wed myself to the Bello Fin. This cocktail was made with me in mind - a chilled martini glass' rim is encrusted with sugar and filled with a beautiful concoction of homemade limoncello liquor and fresh lemon juice with the slightest hint of ginger; this is finished off with a cherry in the bottom of the glass. It is absolute heaven in a glass

Heaven in a glass - Bello Fin

iFranc proceeded to order a bottle of the Telmo Rodriguez – LZ, 07 Tempranillo – Rioja which is described quite aptly on the wine list as "A fresh, light & concentrated unwooded Tempranillo. Impeccable fruit, meaty & earthy with hints of liquorice & cola at the finish". It was my first time consuming a Tempranillo and I really enjoyed it. It managed to be light but earthy (I don't know how, but it was) and I'd be happy to have it again.

Our very drinkable Tempranillo wine
iFranc and I decided to share some tapas to go with our lovely beverages (or else I'd have to be poured into a cab); seeing as iFranc had just returned from Spain (and I've never been) I asked him to make the selection. He chose 4 dishes:

Chicken Chorizo with Caramelised Escallots - garlicky slices of warm chorizo that were delicious

Baked Piquillo Peppers with Spanish Goats Cheese, Roasted Pinenuts & Wild Rocket  - deliciously soft cooked peppers stuffed with goats cheese and offset with peppery rocket - yum!

Baked piquillo peppers with Spanish goats cheese, roasted pinenutes and wild rocket

Crunchy Bacalao (Salt-Cod) Croquettes on Aioli - these were nice but I found them too salty (and I'm normally a salt fiend) it was about this time I started signalling the waiter for some water - for both the purposes of sobriety and re-hydration from the dish
Crunchy bacalao croquettes on aioli

Sliced jamon serrano - the serrano ham was the star of this dish, sliced thinly and simply served on the plate with slices of fresh baguette. Deliciously simple.

Sliced jamon serrano

On the whole I always enjoy my time at Subsolo (which is why I keep returning!). Whilst the service can be a bit slow, it can be hard to catch a waiter's attention unless you're placed in their path, it is friendly. This venue is great for some drinks and tapas or a big meal and is an excellent venue to settle in and catch up with your friends.

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  1. You know it's strange, I've never been there but it looks really interesting. And if I do, I'll be sure to go a little early for a cocktail! :)