Friday, September 24, 2010

Something yummy for lunch

Imagine a lunch that is light, yet filling and flavoursome; I'm sure a million different images just ran through your head (and your tastebuds' memory) of exotic options and lovely restaurants but this lunch is one you can eat at your desk on a busy day and still feel indulgent... intrigued? find out more

Name:   Bar Fresco
Where:  AMP Centre Food Court, Young Street, Sydney

Cost:     a measly $7
Diner:   HappyLeDiz

I am not one to extol the virtues of a food court. They're generally full of the same shops with the same food and I go to them for convenience at work rather than a drive to eat from a take away outlet. The food court near work is your garden variety food court - it has your fish shop, sandwich shop, salad shop, chinese/japanese/korean/middle eastern takeaway and to be truly honest I am sick of the sight of it after 3.5 years of working here.

However there is one shining light in the daily ritual of finding something to eat and it comes from the sandwich shop and it has inspired me to share it with you dear reader.

It is the Chicken Tenderloin sandwich - innocuous in name, it doesn't exactly inspire rapture but it is a wonderful meld of simple, complementary flavours that keeps me coming back, week after week.

The very, very yummy chicken tenderloin sandwich
Take two slices of wholemeal bread and add to it avocado, baby spinach leaves, sweet chilli sauce and chicken tenderloins that have been marintated in spicy tomato flavours and you have joy on a plate (or in this case, greaseproof paper).

PS: If you're extra nice to the man behind the counter he puts a few chips in the top of your sandwich for free!

Not exactly along the lines of my usual posts, but I thought it might be good to share nonetheless for all you cube farmers who struggle with lunch choices each day. Happy weekend!

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  1. Hehe I like the tip about chips in the top of your sandwich! :D