Sunday, January 16, 2011

A lovely, light lunch: 3 ways with grilled prawns

I've recently started seeing a Chiropractor who also practices Kinesiology and Nutrition. She has asked me to completely overhaul my diet to the Blood Type Diet. Now, my blood type is not allowed pretty much everything I love and eat regularly including ham, bread, pasta, cheese, yoghurt, milk, avocado amongst others but one very important inclusion to my allowed foods list is prawns. 

I love prawns, they are versatile, their meat is flavoursome and they are bite sized. Prawns are considered good for my blood type because they are high in iodine which is good for thyroid function. 

One Sunday afternoon I decided to prepare a light meal of prawns marinated 3 different ways and grilled on the bbq, accompanied by salad.

Marinated and reading for grilling!

The 3 different marinades I chose were:

Outback Pride Native Currant and Chilli Sauce
An indigenous approach to sweet chilli sauce, the combination of currants and bush chilli makes this slightly spicy but very delicious!

Masterfoods smokey barbeque seasoning & olive oil
We use this seasoning a lot at home, it is nice to sprinkle on salmon before baking in a greaseproof paper parcel or on your steak before barbequing it. I just sprinkled it over the prawns and poured over a touch of olive oil and mixed it through.

Barbushco bush dukkah, honey and lemon myrtle infused macadamia oil
This native dukkah is made from macadamia, almond, hazelnut, sesame seed, coconut, linseed, sunflower seed, lemon myrtle and dorrigo pepper. It is really delicious and when it is mixed with honey (sourced locally) and the macadamia oil it is a really sweet, citrusy flavoured marinade. The honey caramelises a bit on the barbeque.

I just prepared a salad with mixed leaves, olives, capsicum and marinated artichoke, which was a nice accompaniment to the prawns.

Mr Hogan would be proud! L - R Smokey BBQ, Currant and Chilli, Dukkah and Honey

Lunch is served!
And what was Mr LeDiz's favourite? The dukkah, honey and macadamia oil marinade. 

Do you care to share your favourite way to eat prawns?

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